My Colossus: March 21, 2018

As an artist, I find inspiration from sociological observations. I am interested in societal relationships and the hierarchical values that we place on objects and humans. Unfortunately, what I have observed is that these values often oppress and exploit certain members of our community through unethical socioeconomic and opportunistic inequality. Despite this, our American society prides itself on the ideal of the “American Dream” and the perception of hope and equality for all. This is precisely what I wish to enlighten through my work as an artist and advocate. I admire the transformative potential of art in which it addresses contemporary social issues and facilitates conversation to enhance awareness and provoke positive change.

“March 21, 2018: My New Colossus” is a mixed media installation that challenges the perception of the idealized equal society in America. The “American Dream” is one of hope, life, and new beginnings, yet the media provides proof every day of quite the opposite. As an immigrant, I have focused on the journey of becoming a naturalized citizen under the current political climate that seeks to build walls and separate families. I hope to be a voice for those that have experienced oppression and to offer a safe space of reflection.